The Story Project

Prologue: The epic story of King Gesar relates the heroic deeds of the culture hero Gesar, the fearless lord of the legendary kingdom of Ling in Central Asia. The 12th century text is said to be the longest in the world and consist of numerous versions told in Tibet, China, Mongolia and further afield. Many performers recite episodes from memory, some in a state of trance. It can safely be said to represent the pinnacle of storytelling.

Welcome to The Story Project. We recognize the importance of community storytelling and the need to preserve stories for current and future generations.

The project seeks to work with ethnic, tribal and grassroots communities to record their their stories and put them online – as recordings and text in the local language, as well as possibly an English version (other languages could come later).

The danger of loss

Many stories that often represent the heart of cultures and communities are in danger of being lost in the modern-day world. Many are not written down and when the community’s oral storyteller passes on, the stories may be lost.

The Story Project aims to begin with a handful of communities and begin to collect oral recordings and written texts. We don’t intend to reinvent the wheel. If projects are already underway or stored online, we will seek to link to them. The aim long term is to encourage the preservation of old and ancient tales, make them easily available, and preserve them for posterity.

The Story Project is in its pilot phase – a great time to join us to help with the venture.