The Language Project

The Language Project seeks to link to and organize existing online ethnic language resources, as well as develop resources where none exist.

Earth Community seeks to work with ethnic and grassroots communities that wish to put their wisdom and resources online. Languages will be a crucial component in these planned online hubs.

The consensus is that there are between 6,000-7,000 languages in the world and that 50-90 percent of them will be extinct by 2100.

The project does not seek to reinvent the wheel. There are many efforts underway around the world that seek to document and encourage the preservation of endangered languages.

One great project is Endangered Languages: A project by the Alliance for Linguistic Diversity.

First Voices is a project focused largely on North America. Their website can be found HERE.

First Voices

The Language Project is currently in its pilot phase and we would welcome those who wish to take a leadership role in this endeavor.