Nepal’s youth rally to help following quake


Tibetans pitch in to help in the wake of the quake. Photo: Facebook

In the wake of the devastating April 25 earthquake in Nepal, hundreds of young men and women are running relief coordination centers across the country, taking in food, tents, and medical supplies donated by other groups and then organizing trucks and jeeps to reach the hardest-hit districts. Hundreds more are focusing on making sure those affected have shelter beyond tents and tarpaulins.

With the Nepalese government providing a slow and inadequate response, many people are taking rescue and rehabilitation into their own hands. And despite poor and spotty internet and mobile phone coverage, many are interacting online to help reach out to those in need.

It may be a little early to tell, but there are signs of a developing grassroots, community-based approach to tackling Nepal during this difficult time. Volunteers from many communities have been pitching in, including Nepalese, Tibetans and the foreign expat community.

The stories of people taking it upon themselves to help are too numerous to count. Take Namgyal Sherpa. After waiting for a helicopter to come and help, he got restless. As he told BuzzFeed News, he had left Kathmandu last week with seven friends and 3,000 kilos of food — rice, lentils, instant noodles, salt, and oil — and hoped to deliver it to the village of Laprak, which is near the epicenter of the earthquake that killed more than 8,100 people.

“There wasn’t enough relief aid going to the village,” Namgyal, 31, told the news agency. “So we wanted to send supplies to Laprak not only because it was home to many of our boys, but also because it wasn’t getting attention like other places.”

Namgyal’s trekking company, Thamserku, employed trekking guides, many of them young men who came from Laprak and surrounding villages. They included a 29-year-old operations manager for a trekking company, three 30-year-old trekking guides, a 28-year-old tourist bus driver, and a 30-year-old Brit who is vacationing in Nepal.

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