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Mark Zuckerberg recently reached out on his personal Facebook page to alert his followers to a ground-breaking development that will help spread the internet to the billions of people – over 3 billion – who currently are not connected to the web.

Zuckerberg wrote: “As part of our effort to connect the world, we’ve designed unmanned aircraft that can beam internet access down to people from the sky.

“Today, March 26, I’m excited to share that we’ve successfully completed our first test flight of these aircraft in the UK.”


* is making strides in spreading the internet
* It’s not the only one – OneWeb and also entrepreneur Elon Musk are working on world internet coverage
* There are roughly 3-4 billion people currently not online

“The final design will have a wingspan greater than a Boeing 737 but will weigh less than a car. It will be powered by solar panels on its wings and it will be able to stay at altitudes of more than 60,000 feet for months at a time<" Zuckerberg said.. “Aircraft like these will help connect the whole world because they can affordably serve the 10 percent of the world's population that live in remote communities without existing internet infrastructure,” he said. aims to provide the connections and the resources to help people get online, with a major focus on providing services through mobile devices. Jackie Chang, Product Partnerships,, told the audience at the recent Facebook F8 meeting in California, US, that is working to find out what useful services and applications people largely in developing countries and regions would benefit from. See here: Facebook and – Building for the next billion